StereoActive™ (Red)

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Portable stereo system, marine, resistant to water resistant.

  • Designed for adventure with waterproof floating design.
  • A 40-watt speaker system with a class D subwoofer, digital signal processing and a negative bass cooler for incredible long-range sound
  • Music sources include Bluetooth® audio streaming, AM / FM radio tuner, USB playback and weather bar
  • Charge the power bank on your smart devices through a USB port when you embark on your adventure for miles of cargo
  • Wireless control of smart watch or smart phone Garmin through the application FUSION-Link ™ Lite
  • The useful life of the battery is 20 hours under normal hearing conditions.

The award-winning StereoActive ™ system combines world-class industrial design, high-quality music reproduction, intelligent functionality and a wide range of features that result in a powerful and ready-for-everything stereo device. StereoActive is designed to challenge life on the water and is designed to provide a very clear voice that enhances any activity. With a wide range of music sources, including the AM / FM radio tuner and Bluetooth wireless wireless band technology and MP3 MP3 playback, let StereoActive provide sound tracks for your next adventure.

Designed for adventure: –

StereoActive is a robust and mobile mobile stereo system (classified as IPX7) designed for adventurous life. Whether you’re surfing, skiing, camping or swimming, the StereoActive system is designed 365 days a year and is ready for everything.

Endless music possibilities: –

Stream Bluetooth sound from your favorite music services, such as Pandora® or Spotify®, or listen to your favorite game or radio program through the built-in FM or AM radio, or use the built-in USB port to play your music from a smart phone or compatible USB memory.


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