Portable Fishing Kit

$99.99 $85.00



Take Fishfinder anywhere

  • Ideal for kayaking, rowing, canoeing, windsurfing or ice fishing.
  • A robust portable bag protects and holds your probe
  • Base with built-in steel handle
  • Mounting suction adapter Mounting foam float
  • Rechargeable battery and smart charger.

With this portable kit, it is easy to use STRIKER ™ or echoMAP ™ and echoMAP ™ fish kits compatible with GPS. Protect and retain your probe. Includes sealed, rechargeable battery with smart charger, integrated management cable, power adapter, storage and suction adapter for a suction cup and float.

When using a portable kayak game, the optional kayak power adapter holder gives you its twin Garmin beam adapter (77/200 kHz), CHIRP (77/200 kHz) or GT20-TM adapter (77/200) kHz) Hz / ClearVü) for kayaks. This immersion installation can withstand constant water without releasing it while protecting your power adapter inside the kayak.


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