inReach® Mini

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Fit the universal touch in your palm: –

  • The small and robust satellite communication tool allows you to send two-way text messages through a 100% Iridium® satellite network (requires satellite subscription)
  • Operate an interactive SOS system for the Search and Rescue Center 24/7 (requires satellite subscription)
  • Access downloadable maps, maps of EE. US, NOAA, color images and more with the free Garmin Earthmate® app and compatible devices
  • The optional weather prediction service provides detailed updates directly on the inReach Mini device or associated device; there are basic and premium climate packages available
  • Send and receive messages through compatible Garmin devices, including portable devices and portable devices
  • Internal rechargeable lithium battery offers up to 90 hours of autonomy in tracking mode for 10 minutes

Mini inReach is your Go-to connection to keep your connection out of the network. It is a satellite distributor the size of a palm for adventures where size and weight are important. InReach Mini allows you to send and receive text messages, track and share your trip and, if necessary, activate an SOS alert to communicate with the GEOS 24/7 response team. With an inReach connection, your family and friends will know that they can stay connected globally.

Travel lighter, communicate more intelligently: –

The InReach Mini measurement is less than 4 inches and 2 inches wide and weighs 3.5 ounces, and is suitable for external packaging or accessory rings. It connects to the messages through the 100% Iridium world network of satellites. You do not have to worry about being inside a cell phone tower or having intermittent coverage.


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