GTN™ 650

$11,995.00 $10,000.00



Click on a world of navigation possibilities.

  • Visualize the complete travel plan, including departures, arrivals, approaches / visual tools, booking procedures and more
  • Overcoming potential hazards such as terrain, climate and traffic in a dynamic global dynamic map is rich to improve situational awareness
  • It combines an easy-to-use 4.9-inch touch screen with a dedicated direct button and a double center handle for easy access to information
  • Interfaces with a wide range of existing avionics and avionics products, including the Garmin TXi ™ touchscreen flight, offer an exceptionally integrated and harmonious experience.
  • An optional connection to the Connex® command line adds updates to wireless databases, GPS, weather, traffic and more with your mobile devices and Garmin² devices
  • Advanced capabilities available include optional voice commands, global voice/text calls and much more


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