GSD™ 26 CHIRP Professional Sonar Module

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The GSD 26 Digital will present the next development of sports technology, providing an unparalleled target class at depths far deeper than traditional sonar.

Discover the clarity of the spectrum: –

For serious sport on the high seas, the GSD 26 focuses on high-definition lenses to a whole new level. With a compatible adapter, the GSD 26 Spectrum Spectrum technology tests multiple frequencies simultaneously, bringing vast amounts of data to the receiver. As a result, you can expect a thin chapter similar to shallow water at greater depths, up to 10,000 feet (3,000 meters).

The traditional frequency setting allows you to manually adjust the frequencies from 25 kHz to 210 kHz to be able to better select certain types of fish. You can also adjust the transmit power from 300 watts to 3 kilowatts (depending on the power adapter) to get more control over the returns of the probe.

Get two sonars in one: –

The design of the GSD 26 dual transceiver allows the power adapter to work simultaneously and independently. You have full control over the data you see on the Garmin compatible chart, which communicates easily with GSD 26 through the Garmin Marine network.


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