GNX™ Wireless Sail Pack 43

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The package of candles you need with 43 mm adapters: –

  • Garmin GNX ™ Wind, GNX 20 Naval, gWind ™ Wireless 2, GDT 43 and GST 43 include accessories and 43 mm adapters for sharing NMEA 2000® networks
  • GNX Wind and GNX 20 devices include ultra-bright monochrome LCD screens
  • Wireless and 2 Transducer Eliminates cables that pass through the masts up to 50 feet
  • Precise water depth, water velocity, water temperature data and more
  • Easy installation and operation with the NMEA 2000 network
  • Upgrade your sailboat electronics with the GNX Wireless Sail Pack 43 package that has everything you need with 43mm adapter accessories for depth, temperature and water speed.

GNX wind instrument: –

GNX Wind provides the wind data needed to make reliable decisions. With a high definition monochromatic LCD screen with customizable background colors, GNX Wind is interconnected through the NMEA 2000 network to display two digital wind data fields simultaneously to show real wind and clear data of wind direction, wind speed boat and more. The low power consumption of 350 MW in daylight (without backlighting) and 400 MW at night (medium level backlighting) is ideal for sailboats. Customizable user settings allow you to configure the layout of your screen to configure it. The configuration of the screen includes more than 15 marine parameters important for wind, speed, and mobility. The GNX Windly connects wirelessly with gWind Wireless 2 and the Quatix® 3 GPS Navigator with ANT® technology to connect wind data directly to your wrist.

Wireless adapter gWind 2: –

GWind Wireless 2 offers an easy-to-install solution that eliminates the passage of cables through masts up to 50 feet. The micro wind signals are transmitted wirelessly through an ANT connection directly to the GNX Wind or to a scheme compatible with Garmin GPSMAP®. The power adapter features a three-pin, three-bladed, two-pin Nexus twin that offers precise wind speed and a constant wind angle in lighter wind conditions.

GNX 20 Marine Machinery: –

The easy-to-read GNX 20 screen with black numbers on a white or colored background clearly shows the depth of the water, the speed of the boat through the water, the temperature of the water and the marine parameters and a 50-inch button on the NMEA 2000. Customizable user settings allow you to choose from 5 screen configurations available for user profiles Navigator or motorboat: simple, double and triple function, more graphics mode and graphics to show wind, depth and speed data, or customize pages for show marine data and boats that are most important to you. The glazed glass screen with anti-reflective coating provides an excellent lens for the day and a night vision with high contrast numbers of up to 36 mm. Use only 25 mA with up to 350 mW during the day and you do not need a backlight of up to 400 MW with mid-level backlighting at night.


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