GMR™ 18 xHD (Radome)

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  • Radar dome of high definition of 4 kW and 18 inches.
  • Ease of use pairs with advanced open set features
  • Speeds of 48 or 24 rpm for quick screen updates, and adjusts automatically as needed according to the range
    48-mile range
  • No complicated user settings, easy to install and start usingWe have the fourth generation of the fourth generation of 18-kilo high-definition radars of the fourteenth generation of high definition, easy to use with the advantages of advanced open arrays. Intuitive operation makes styles and configurations easy to understand so you can enjoy great performance without much technical knowledge.

    The GMR 18 xHD monitor provides a higher resolution than the previous generation 18-inch dome radar devices. The new Dynamic Auto Gain and Dynamic Sea Filter are constantly adapting to their environment, providing optimal performance in different conditions. Choose from multiple levels of aggression or use manual gain adjustment. The dual operation allows the independent screen to fully display the distant views and the fourth one in the full 8-bit color (selection diagram); a range of 48 nm. The optional “non-transmission zone” can protect the areas behind the radiation radar while providing a full forward radar capability. This makes the installation more flexible by providing more convenient installation options on your boat.


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