GC™ 12 Marine Camera

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See more on board your ship: –

  • Provide a pair of additional eyes on board your boat to observe areas above or below the floors
  • The analog camera provides high-quality images even in low light. Ideal for machine rooms.
  • Able to transmit images on a plotter or in many plotters compatible with the network
  • Reverse image configuration helps with compatible design graphics when undoing narrow positions, such as a busy marina
  • Rotate the images on a 90/180/270 degree plotter so you can load in any direction

See more about what is happening inside or around the boat using the GC 12. By using the GC 12 on your vehicle, you will be able to observe the inside and outside areas while on the water or during your docking.

Watch everything: –

This small analog camera offers high-quality images that can be seen on compatible TVs on the screen, video monitors or compatible design schemes that support video input. Use them in multiple areas above or below the covers, and visualize in a single graphics or in multiple schemes compatible with the network.

Put it almost anywhere: –

GC 12 has a convenient set of inverse images to help you get out of narrow places like a busy marina. They even provide clear images in low light conditions, perfect for observing your dark machine room. Easy to install, small size and weather resistant resistance allow for flexibility.


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