Compact Reactor™ 40 Hydraulic Autopilot with GHC™ 20 Corepack

$1,599.99 $1,439.99

The conditions are the following:

This incredible autopilot really interacts with the sea to maintain its cycle. Even when the boat is mating and turning, you can be sure that the Compact Reactor 40 will keep you on track.

Start-up and minimum calibration: –

All autopilot devices require operation and calibration to function properly. We know that you only want to obtain water, so we made this process as quick and easy as possible. This is the power of simplicity.



The autopilot system is ideal for entry level

  • The start package includes the marine automated control unit Reactor 40 and GHC 20
  • It is recommended only for single-engine boats with a length of fewer than 30 inches
  • 9-axis headrest positioning system (AHRS)
  • Reduces title error, cycle deviation, rudder movement, and energy consumption while providing convenient driving
  • Minimum commissioning and calibration.

Designed for boats less than 30 inches long, the Compact Reactor 40 provides comfort from the manual grip of the wheels to stay on course, especially when navigating at medium or high speeds. Relax on the steering wheel and enjoy your time on the water. 9-axis AHRS technology offers comfortable driving.

Available in 3 different main packages, this autopilot allows you to configure the autopilot settings, depending on the functions you need and the amount you wish to spend. Buy the Start Package (the corresponding scheme is required in²), add the GMC 20 Naval Pilot, or add 20 GHC and the Shadow Drive ™ facilities.

Easy-to-install autopilot with flexible installation options and quick and easy operation. Choose a central package with the patented Shadow Drive technology and simply turn the wheel to control the unit; keep a fixed cycle to re-engage. Integrates with Garmin compatible electronics to control the autopilot of the graphics display. It can be run to track the automatic route routing (requires UVVü HD Ultra maps or BlueChart® g2 Vision® high-resolution maps).

Solid state axes 9 AHRS: –

With the sophisticated 9-axis AHRS system, Compact Reactor 40 offers more flexible installation options. In addition, this new system greatly reduces steering errors, studio drift, rudder movement, and power consumption while providing a comfortable ride for all passengers on board.


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